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 The dog is sitting near the new fence
 The dog is sitting near the new fence

For decades, Cedar Rustic Fence Co. has been a cornerstone in Naperville and the greater Chicagoland area, offering a full spectrum of high-quality fencing solutions including wood fences, vinyl fences, aluminum fences, and chain link fences. Our commitment to in-house manufacturing means each fence meets the highest standards of quality and durability. Our expert teams, deeply familiar with Naperville's climate and local regulations, will guide you to the ideal fencing solution for your property's needs.

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Explore Our Fence Options in Naperville

Cedar Fences in Naperville

Choose from our variety of cedar fence designs to add a natural, elegant touch to your Naperville home. Our cedar fences are known for their longevity and ability to enhance privacy.

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Vinyl Fences in Naperville

Our vinyl fencing options are both durable and low maintenance, perfect for the busy Naperville lifestyle. Available in multiple colors and styles, they provide long-lasting beauty without the frustrating upkeep.

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Aluminum Fences in Naperville

Choose our aluminum fencing for a sleek, modern look that adds both style and security to your Naperville property. Built for durability, these metal fences withstand Naperville's unpredictable weather with ease.

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Chain Link Fences in Naperville

Ideal for both residential and commercial applications, our chain link fences are a cost-effective way to secure your property. They're durable, versatile, and available in various heights and styles.

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Fences forEvery Purpose

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Pool Fences
Dog Fences
Security Fences
Decorative Fences

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Our Fence Installation Process in Naperville

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    Free Consultation

    Discuss your fencing needs, explore our full range of fences, and consider financing options.

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    We’ll customize the perfect fenceCustomize the perfect fence to suit your taste and suit your taste and requirements.

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    We efficiently manage the permit We efficiently manage the permit process, leveraging our local connections., leveraging our local connections.

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    Professional Installation

    Our experienced teams ensure flawless execution and timely completion.

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    Job Completion

    We stand by our work with a commitment to your satisfaction.

What Our Naperville Customers Say

  • Joseph H.

    The salesman Alberto was answered all my questions. He was honest and not pushy at all. The install crew did an awesome job on the fence. Their attention to detail, craftsmanship and neatness was top notch. Very well built gate with a high quality latch hardware. Highly recommended!

  • Christine Chimera

    Cedar Rustic did an amazing job from the product team who came to our house to survey the area to give us a quote, to the installers, to the finance team to called us about the bill. The fence looks beautiful! The people who put the fence up followed our complicated instructions on how to redraw the fence along a new property line and they even cut around tree roots to sit flush again the property line while not damaging the trees.

  • Joyce Sampson

    My backyard 5’’ Cedar privacy fence was installed yesterday on the day of the eclipse. The installers were very professional & did a perfect job with my fence  & finished in a timely manner. I am very satisfied & would highly recommend Cedar Rustic fence Company for all of your fencing needs!

  • Veronica Dillahunty

    Debbie our representative was great, knowledgeable, considerate & professional! We received great customer service as well as an affordable quote considering the times of inflation & resources running high! The best part & to me the most important was the two hard working, courteous men who installed our fence & did an impressive & professional job! My husband & I are pleased with Cedar Rustic Fence & would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to have a fence installed.

  • Kevin Koopman

    Excellent installation and great features.

  • Marla Truitt

    This company put our cedar fence in almost 40 years ago. We have had them due touch ups in areas when needed. After a storm a tree fell and took out a large section. They were able to replace the fence posts and sections quickly with high quality cedar.  Workers took away all the debris from the post holes. Excellent job was done by all. We are very happy

  • Crystal Wolfe

    The original installation of our vinyl fence less than a year ago was amazing, and we have had no complaints there.  We experienced an issue with a lock on one of the doors, and the service was excellent.  They came on the appointed date, found and fixed the issues and alleviated any concerns.  Recommend them to anyone looking for a fence.

  • Rich Brunker

    Cedar Rustic Fence is Quality from start to finish in all aspects of their business. The office is organized and efficient, supplying information and communication at all times. Debbie came out, within 2 days of contact, listened to our needs, measured, drew it out, and left an estimate within an hour. She thoroughly explained the process, leaving us with no questions unanswered. Financials were worked out seemlessly in 48 hours, and we were scheduled 2 weeks out. Integrity in their word, the installation crew showed up on time the very day set originally. The install crew was respectful of all surroundings, neighbors as well as our home. The quality of the cedar fence is top- notch. All sections and gates measured out perfectly. They came in, had old fence and posts taken down and out in an hour and a half. Methodically, they worked very organized and clean ly. They know their trade, and their work proves it! We are very excited to have a beautiful fence to appreciate for years to come. Thank You Cedar Rustic!!

Naperville Fence FAQ

  • What's the average fencing cost in Naperville, and how does it vary?

    There’s no cookie-cutter answer as fence costs in Naperville depend on factors like:

    • Material: Cedar offers classic charm with upfront affordability. Vinyl and aluminum fences provide low-maintenance appeal, while often having a slightly higher initial cost.
    • Size: Larger Naperville properties or taller privacy fences naturally require more materials and labor, impacting costs.
    • Design: Intricate designs or custom features can increase your project's price tag.
    • Permit Fees: These can vary within Naperville. We'll factor that into your personalized estimate.

    Get a free, accurate quote tailored to your needs – contact us today!

  • Should I choose a wood fence or a vinyl fence for my Naperville property?

    Both wood and vinyl are popular Naperville fence choices! Consider these factors when deciding:

    • Style: Wood offers timeless warmth; vinyl provides a variety of colors and modern looks to suit your Naperville home's aesthetic.
    • Maintenance: Wood requires periodic upkeep, while vinyl is virtually maintenance-free – a great perk for busy Naperville lifestyles.
    • HOA Rules: Some Naperville communities have fencing restrictions. We'll help you choose a fence that meets any HOA guidelines.

    We're here to help you find the perfect fence material – let's explore the options together!

  • How can I find reliable fence installers near me in Naperville?

    Choosing the right fence company near you is the key. Look for these qualities:

    • Local Expertise: Companies with Naperville experience understand the area's weather, regulations, and style preferences.
    • Reputation: Check for positive reviews from past Naperville customers and ask for references.
    • Quality Materials: Ensure the company uses high-quality fencing materials designed to last.
    • Transparent Pricing: Get detailed estimates – reputable companies discuss all costs openly.
  • I'm considering wrought iron vs. aluminum fencing. What are the differences?

    Here's a quick comparison to help your decision:

    • Wrought Iron: Timeless elegance and extreme durability, but requires regular painting for rust prevention. Can be a costlier option.
    • Aluminum: A sleek, modern look with excellent rust resistance – perfect for Naperville weather! It's also generally more affordable than wrought iron.

    While our team at Cedar Rustic doesn’t install wrought iron, our aluminum fencing provides similar strength and style with the added benefit of easy upkeep.

  • How long does it take to get a new fence installed in Naperville?

    Most fence installations in Naperville are completed within a day after the initial consultation and permit approvals. Factors that can impact timing include unforeseen installation obstacles, as well as:

    • Project Size: Larger or more complex fences may take slightly longer.
    • Weather: Naperville's weather can sometimes cause delays.
    • Customization: Unique designs may require additional fabrication time.

    We'll provide a clear timeline and keep you updated throughout your project.

  • I have more questions

    Visit our FAQ page for more information or reach out — we're here to help.

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