first photo of white beautiful fencefirst photo of white beautiful fence
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Since 1927

Vinyl Fencing
Durable Material. Lifetime Warranty. Maintenance-Free Beauty

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Why Choose Vinyl Fence from Cedar Rustic?

photo of a white new wooden gate
 The dog is sitting near the new fence

Vinyl fencing is the go-to for homeowners who want both style and practicality with little maintenance. It comes in a range of designs to match any home aesthetic and endures through all weather conditions without fading or cracking. This makes vinyl not only an attractive but also a cost-effective and durable option that eliminates the need for frequent upkeep.

  • Durable

    Your fence will not peel, rot, blister, rust, flake, corrode, or abnormally change colors.

  • Strong

    We utilize a proprietary blend of the highest grade of raw materials to create fences that exceed industry durability testing standards.

  • Made in the U.S.A.

    All fence material has been manufactured in the USA, which means you get high-performance materials you can trust.

  • Guaranteed

    Our limited lifetime warranty gives you long-term confidence and is transferable as needed.

  • Maintenance Free

    Once installed, you never have to stain, paint, or worry about your fence rotting.

  • Eco-Friendly

    Utilizing the latest technology, we’re able to utilize recycled fence material. This lowers our environmental footprint with no impact on durability. All material exposed to the elements is virgin vinyl.

Explore OurVinyl Fence Styles

Check out our diverse range of vinyl fence designs that showcase the beauty and versatility of what we have to offer.

Our Vinyl Fence Patterns

Popular Vinyl Fence Patterns

white pattern
white pattern image
white fence
white patternwhite pattern
white pattern imagewhite iamge
white paternwhite pattern

Vinyl Fence CollectionsBy Cedar Rustic Fence Co.

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Vinyl Fence Manufacturing: Quality You Can Trust

We Control The Process

  • Fabrication

    At Cedar Rustic, we fabricate all our vinyl fencing so we can control the quality of material and quality of installation.

  • Installers Perspective
    • We don’t skimp on the production process because we are responsible for your satisfaction.
    • Seep holes in the bottom of posts to minimize heaving
    • Use aluminum stiffeners in the bottom rails for support
    • Appropriate material thickness and weight to protect the fence from high winds.
  • Quality Material

    It’s not just about the thickness of the material; it’s about the quality of resin and additives used in our vinyl.

    100% virgin material on the outer layer of our fence.

Exclusive Construction Technique

Locking Tongue & Groove picket
Our T&G pickets lock together
  • Provides internal support for greater wind load protection
  • Minimizes thermal bowing from excessive heat
  • Available on white and tan Cedar Rustic privacy fences

Different Color Options

white oclor
yellow oclor
gray color
Coastal Cedar
brown color
Dark Walnut

Fence Accessories

Flat Cap
chain link fence option
New England
Gothic Cap
Ball Cap
home escape image
Dog Ear
option for fence image
option for fence vinyl fencing image
Trident Pool Latch
gravity latch
Gate Bumper
Panic Latch
Armor Latch
Self Closing Hinge
second lock

Ideal Applications forVinyl Fences

Privacy Fences
white fence
Decorative Fences
Pet Fences
pool fence
Pool Enclosures

Showcasing Our Work:Vinyl Fence Projects

white fence

Crown Point Indiana


We installed a maintenance-free vinyl privacy fence. Double gates were installed for access to the backyard.

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The Cedar Rustic Advantage

photo of a white new wooden gate
 The dog is sitting near the new fence
  • Custom Tailored Designs

    Your vision is our blueprint. Let’s design the perfect fence together.

  • Exceptional Quality

    From materials to craftsmanship, we settle for nothing less than the best.

  • Seamless Installation

    Our experienced team ensures a smooth and efficient fence installation process.

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

    We’re not happy until you are. Enjoy peace of mind with our dedicated support.

About UsAbout Installation Process

Serving Chicagoland & Northwest Indiana

Let’s Bring Your Ideal Fence to Life

Ready to enhance your property with a vinyl fence? Our team is here to turn your fencing vision into reality with expert advice and quality installation.

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Vinyl Fencing FAQ

  • What makes vinyl fencing a good choice?

    Vinyl fencing offers unbeatable durability and requires no maintenance, making it a cost-effective, attractive option for many homeowners.

  • How long will my vinyl fence last?

    With proper installation by professionals like ours, your vinyl fence can last for decades, withstanding harsh weather without losing its appearance or integrity.

  • Can I paint my vinyl fence?

    While vinyl doesn't require painting for durability, you can paint it with specialized vinyl-safe paint. However, this voids most warranties and may affect the fence's longevity. Consider our range of color options for maintenance-free beauty.

  • Will vinyl fencing harm my horses?

    Vinyl is a safe choice for horse fences and farm settings. It won't splinter or rust, reducing the risk of injury..

  • Do I need permission to install a vinyl fence?

    Permit requirements for fences vary by location and your HOA (if applicable). Our team has extensive knowledge of local regulations and can guide you through the process to ensure compliance.

  • How does vinyl fencing compare in cost to other materials?

    While the initial cost of vinyl may be slightly higher than wood, its long lifespan, minimal maintenance, and resistance to damage make it a very cost-effective choice over time. Our team at Cedar Rustic will provide a personalized quote to help you compare.

  • Can vinyl fences withstand extreme weather conditions?

    Absolutely! Quality vinyl fences are engineered to handle harsh weather, including strong winds, heavy rain, and temperature fluctuations without cracking or fading.