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Since 1927

Cedar Rustic Fence Co. A century-Long

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Cedar Rustic History

Cedar Rustic Fence Company installed its first fence. The company initially operated under the name Cedrus Company, derived from the genus name for cedar trees.

Joseph Keefe acquired Cedrus, relocating the company to Harvey, IL. During this era, materials were sourced directly from loggers, and Cedrus milled logs on-site for fence construction.

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A devastating fire destroyed the Cedrus facility. Joseph rebuilt what remained of Cedrus on 159th Street in Orland Park, where it stood as a fixture for nearly 50 years.

tree is burning

Joseph Keefe passed away, leaving Cedrus to his sons. The company's name gradually transformed into Cedar Rustic.


Cedar Rustic expanded operations to Plainfield, IL, acquiring an old roller rink. A tornado later destroyed the building, but thankfully no injuries occurred.

bad weather

A "100-year flood" in Plainfield washed Cedar Rustic's materials down the river. The city labeled the property a flood zone, preventing rebuilding. The company sought a new location.

The Keefe family purchased an 82,000 square foot warehouse in Joliet, IL, becoming Cedar Rustic's new home. The facility, originally built by Kemlite, had previously been used by Uno for storing playing cards and board games.

new photo

The Keefe family retired, selling Cedar Rustic to the Bergeron Family. All operations were consolidated in Joliet, and the Orland Park location was sold.

big city

Cedar Rustic expanded production by introducing its line of vinyl fences, experiencing a sixfold increase in vinyl fence sales over the next five years.

A new logo and website gave Cedar Rustic Fence Company a fresh image.

cedar rustic

Cedar Rustic Fence Company acquired two adjacent buildings in Joliet, expanding production and storage capacity to 100,000 square feet.

current time

Continuing expansion, Cedar Rustic Fence Company launched its line of Aluminum fences.

Today - Cedar Rustic Fence Company installs fences in over 154 townships across Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana, completing 2,500 to 3,000 fences annually. Their growth is attributed to the installation of quality products and attentive customer care.

We Are A Fence Company That

Ensuring your new fence meets Joliet and Plainfield's local regulations is crucial for a smooth installation process. Here's what you need to know:

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Experience and Heritage – Since 1927

Oldest fence company in Chicagoland. We understand the lifecycle of a fence and have developed techniques to increase the beauty and longevity of your fence.

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Manufacture and Install

We fabricate our cedar, vinyl and aluminum fences from an installers perspective. We take responsibility for any issues with your project.

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Focus on Service

Full-time service department. We understand the long-term impact of good customer service. 28% of our business is repeat and referral driven.

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Quality Material

We buy direct from the source not middle men or distributors so we control the quality of material used in our fences.

We buy direct from the source not middle men or distributors so we control the quality of material used in our fences.

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General Liability and Workers Comp. Insurance

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General Liability Insurance

Cedar Rustic Fence Co. carries an aggregate of $3 million worth of liability insurance to protect against any potential property damages.

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Workers Compensation Insurance

Cedar Rustic Fence Co. carries $1 million worth of workers compensation insurance to protect against any personal injuries that could occur on the job site.

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How does this impact you?

Any unforeseen damages or injuries that occur during your fence installation will be covered by Cedar Rustic’s insurance.

If your contractor does not have insurance or enough insurance, any liabilities that occurred will be your responsibility or the responsibility of your homeowners insurance.

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Poor gate construction
Low quality material
Shoddy workmanship
Don’t Let This Happen To You
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Avoid The Industry Norm of the Divided Responsibility Method of Doing Business
Or Choose
cedar rustic
Cedar Rustic’s Undivided Responsibility Method
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1 name and 1 number is all you’ll ever need

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Controlled procedures from manufacturing to expert installation

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With your 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Legally binding written warranty to protect you

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Full-time service department to honor your warranty


96 years in business gives you peace of mind that we will be around to handle any warranty claims and service your fence

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Active members of the American Fence Association.  AFA certified field training school graduates on staff
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Cedar Rustic Fence Co. was an Inc. 5000 fastest-growing company in 2009

Illinois and Indiana Registered Business


What does this mean?

Cedar Rustic Fence Co is legal corporation that eligible to work in Illinois and Indiana

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Why would a company not be in good standings?

They are not a legal corporation or their corporation was dissolved for various legal reasons (i.e. don’t have a legal social security number, haven’t filed a corp. documents, etc.).

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How could buying a fence from a company not in good standing impact you?

You have limited legal recourse for any damages that could occur as a result of the fence installation because the courts don’t recognize the business.

Your Protection Plan Cedar Rustic’s Commitment to You...

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Provide an accurate written proposal

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Undivided responsibility

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Skilled craftsmen


Industry leading warranty

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Price integrity

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Satisfaction guaranteed

Do you feel 100% confident that CEDAR RUSTIC will perform to your complete satisfaction?

Can you think of any reason that would cause you not to choose CEDAR RUSTIC for your home?

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a free consultation

No pressure! We know that choosing your fence is not a quick decision, so you can keep browsing our site in search of the perfect fence for you or contact us directly and we’ll happily answer any and all of your questions!

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*Or you can type us a message for a quick answer right now

Fences We Manufacture And Install

Cedar Fences

Embrace cedar's warmth and natural beauty that’s expertly crafted for lasting appeal in Joliet. Our skilled fence installers offer a range of cedar fence styles to both complement your home and increase privacy.

about Cedar Fencing

Vinyl Fencing

Discover a low-maintenance vinyl fence that’s perfect for busy Joliet lifestyles and diverse HOA requirements. Choose from a variety of colors and styles for a beautiful, long-lasting fence.

about Vinyl Fencing

Aluminum Fencing

Achieve sleek, modern style with durable aluminum fencing – ideal for Joliet homes. From classic to contemporary, our aluminum fence options add security and elegance.

about Aluminum Fencing

Chain Link Fencing

Secure your Joliet property with affordable, versatile chain link fence solutions. Our fence installers offer various heights and finishes, ideal for commercial properties, pet containment, and defining boundaries.

about Chain Link Fencing

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