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Lombard, Illinois
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Aluminum Dog Fencing

Aluminum Dog Fences in Lombard, Illinois
Lombard Neighborly Dog Safety Project


Two neighbors in Lombard teamed up to install complementary fences that would keep their dogs safe and secure. One neighbor had a smaller dog, so their fence needed a little extra attention to prevent any escapes.

The Challenge

The primary challenge was to create two unique fences that would look great side-by-side, while also meeting the specific needs of each dog. We wanted to make sure both yards felt safe and secure while maintaining a friendly, open look.

Solution Provided

Cedar Rustic Fence Co. delivered a tailored solution with two complementary aluminum fences:

  • Standard Picket Fence Installed a powder-coated aluminum fence with standard picket spacing just under 4 inches. It's stylish and durable, keeping their dog safe and sound.
  • Extra Picket Fence For the smaller pup, we installed another aluminum fence with extra pickets placed closer together. This ensures they can't slip through the gaps, giving their owners peace of mind.


The new fences are a big hit with both families (and their dogs!):

  • Enhanced Pet Safety Both fences keep the dogs safely contained in their yards, while still allowing them to see and interact with the neighborhood.
  • Aesthetic Harmony The fences complement each other perfectly, adding a touch of elegance to both properties.
  • Durability and Low Maintenance The powder-coated aluminum is built to last and requires very little upkeep, so everyone can focus on enjoying their outdoor spaces.
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The Lombard project shows how Cedar Rustic Fence Co. can create custom fencing solutions that prioritize both safety and style. No matter the size or breed of your furry friend, we can help create a fence that's perfect for your yard.

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