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Joliet, Illinois
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Cedar Privacy Fencing

Rustic Cedar Fence in Joliet, Illinois
Joliet Backyard Rustic Cedar Fence Project


A Joliet homeowner had a beautiful backyard, but it lacked the privacy and security they craved. They wanted a fence that would blend in with the natural surroundings, creating a cozy, secluded feel. They also wanted something unique, with a touch of rustic charm.

The Challenge

Finding a fence that could do it all – provide privacy and security without sacrificing style. The homeowners wanted a fence that would feel like an extension of their backyard, not an eyesore.

Solution Provided

Cedar Rustic Fence Co. delivered a custom solution tailored to the homeowner’s vision:

  • Rustic Cedar Privacy Fence: Installed a 6-foot-tall cedar fence with round cedar posts featuring uniquely carved acorns on top, enhancing the rustic charm.
  • Custom Craftsmanship: The acorns atop the posts were intricately turned on a lathe at our Joliet facility, and the fence sections were constructed using ½ logs for framing, contributing to the overall rustic aesthetic.


The installation of the rustic cedar privacy fence provided several advantages:

  • Enhanced Privacy and Security: The tall cedar barriers ensure a private and secure environment for the homeowner’s outdoor activities.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: The custom design with carved acorn post tops and log framing significantly enhances the visual appeal and character of the property.
  • Durability: Cedar is naturally resistant to rot and insects, so the fence will last for years to come with minimal maintenance.
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This Joliet project is a shining example of what Cedar Rustic Fence Co. does best – building fences that are both beautiful and practical. We took the homeowner's vision of a private, rustic retreat and turned it into a reality. Not only does the fence offer privacy and security, but it also adds a unique charm to their backyard that they absolutely love. It's a perfect blend of function and style.

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