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Schaumburg, Illinois
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Semi-Privacy Vinyl Fencing

Semi-Privacy Vinyl Fence in Schaumburg, Illinois
Schaumburg Property Line and Safety Fence Project


A Schaumburg family wanted a fence to define their property line and keep their loved ones safe, including their furry family members. Their homeowner's association (HOA) had specific rules about fence materials, so it was important to find a solution that met those guidelines.

The Challenge

The primary challenge was to design and install a fence that would meet all the HOA's requirements while also providing the family with the privacy and security they needed.

Solution Provided

Cedar Rustic Fence Co. designed and installed a vinyl fence that ticked all the boxes:

  • Semi-Privacy Vinyl Fence: We built a 4-foot tall semi-privacy white vinyl fence in the elegant Manor IV style with New England caps, creating a beautiful addition to the property.
  • Variety and Customization: We offer a wide range of semi-privacy fence styles, colors, and heights, so the homeowner was able to choose the perfect design to meet their needs and HOA requirements.


The new fence has made a world of difference for the family:

  • Enhanced Safety: The fence keeps their pets and children safe within the property, giving them peace of mind.
  • HOA Compliance: The design and installation meet all the HOA's rules, so they can enjoy their new fence without any worries.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: The Manor IV-style fence with New England caps adds a touch of sophistication to the property while still providing the desired level of privacy.
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The Schaumburg project showcases Cedar Rustic Fence Co.'s expertise in creating custom fence solutions that are both beautiful and practical. We'll work with you to design a fence that meets your needs and complements your home's style, all while adhering to any community guidelines.

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